Micro Cultivation

Micro Cultivation, Processing & Nursery License

Find everything you need to know about micro cultivation, processing and obtaining a nursery license. 

Micro-cultivators can be seen as mini standard cultivators. Holding a micro-cultivation licence allows for the capability to perform all authorized activities specified by the licence, under the same regimen as a standard cultivator. Although, a micro-cultivation licence comes with a single constraint.

Micro-cultivation has a threshold under which harvestable classes of cannabis may be produced, namely ≤ 200 m2 (≤ 2,152 ft2) of canopy, including any surface area which consists of multiple surfaces (i.e., racking). Though this constraint limits the potential for growth and flexibility within the industry.

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A micro-processor is similar to a standard processor, being a micro-sized standard processing operation. This class of licence is directed to interested applicants who wish to manufacture cannabis products within a certain production limit. A Micro-processing licence allows you to possess, transport, research, develop, store and destruct, as well as allowing for the intra-industry sale of products to other federal licence holders, as well as provincially- and territorially-authorized sellers. These holders have the capability to perform all the authorized activities of a standard processor, although cannabis is obtained via synthesis and production limits associated with this licence class.

A micro-processor has a certain threshold limit that constrains the holder to no more than 600 kg of dried cannabis or equivalent within a given calendar year. This limit applies to the cannabis that has been sold or distributed to them. This limit does not apply to a micro-processor who also holds a licence for micro-cultivation in relation to the same site, although the cannabis sold to the micro-processor attains cannabis exclusively from that site.

A licensed micro-processor has the ability to:      

(1) create opportunities for individuals seeking scientific knowledge and applying that knowledge on a small scale;
(2) create a small family business;
(3) build a facility on a small plot of land;
(4) be operable with a decreased utility load;
(5) get small players into the market who wish to become a part of the market;
(6) be able to tie into other licence classes on the same site, giving the holder flexibility, among other processors of this class, in the competitive market1;
(7) benefit from decreased security requirements.

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A nursery licence is directed towards applicants who want to grow cannabis for the purpose of providing other licence holders (such as cultivators, processors, analytical testers, researchers, cannabis drug licence holders) with cannabis plants and seeds. Holders of this licence class allows for most of the authorized activities a standard cultivator performs, although there are three operational constraints with regards to obtaining cannabis plant seeds.

A nursery has weight, destruction and surface area constraints placed on it within this licence subclass. The holder that cultivates cannabis for the purpose of obtaining cannabis plant seeds, have a total surface area of ≤ 50 m2 (538 ft2) where all flowering cannabis plants are contained (including surface areas consisting of multiple surfaces), do not possess more than 5 kg of harvested flowering heads (with the exception of the cannabis plant seeds) and to destroy the remnants of the plants within 30 days from harvest.

A licensed nursery has the ability to,

(1) produce high-quality starting materials for the industry;
(2) benefit from decreased security requirements;
(3) be able to tie into some other licence classes on the same site, giving the holder flexibility, among other cultivators of this class, in the competitive market1;
(4) allow for the flexibility to grow the size of the facility, within constraints;
(5) opportunity to produce novel genetics;
(6) allows applicants who wish to become a part of the market on a small scale.

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