The Panday Group is about building a reputation on one founding principle: guaranteeing our clients receive a calibre of services and products that exceed their expectations. Our design & consulting, medical cannabis, and wellness & performance divisions provide the most innovative, experienced, and unique concepts for building a healthy lifestyle.

The Panday Group provides a boutique personal approach where your project’s success is in our success. Our luxury construction background allows us to work with the finest subcontractors and suppliers, ranging from local growers to national and international corporations.

While our medical cannabis & consulting division intertwines, the wellness and performance division provides an approach to enhancing our medical prescription services.  

Construct. Consult. Cultivate.

Originally specializing in Toronto high-end custom residential construction, our expansion into the medical cannabis industry for personal cultivation became inevitable. Canada’s legal framework for medical cannabis allowed for our highly experienced staff to provide our clients a clear view of how a medical cannabis grow room should be constructed, designed  and created along with high-class regulated solutions. 

Under the Cannabis Act, clients requesting to produce cannabis for medical purposes must be authorized by a licensed Canadian health practitioner. Our in-house telehealth health practitioner brings a level of safety and treatment for our clients to follow while being authorized to grow their own medication. 

Our micro craft cultivation, processing and nursery licensing consulting services allow us to assist our clients wanting to enter the Canadian legal cannabis market. All employees involved with on-site and off-site consulting have attained all Health Canada security clearances. 

Our clients have the opportunity to broaden their horizons in an industry that has high standards. 

Indoors Facility Design

A well-designed micro cannabis facility creates the ability to have environmental controls over your crop at all vital stages.

A micro facility has many details in the build-out/retrofit over commercial greenhouse productions. An indoor grow operations goal is to continuously optimize the environment for optimal plant health for future crops. Rooms are sealed and equipped with grow lighting, CO2 injection, air circulation, air filtration, control over exhaust odours with heating and cooling systems (HVAC). Working with indoor operations one can expect to deliver consistent and high results.

Grow room size, separation, and additionally with good production practices, allow for high-quality cannabis products. The Panday Group provides recommendations along with viable solutions from room sizes, design, licensed applications, and configuration for the best-growing practice to attain a specified license. Our input on the design details is to create an efficient workflow, with an emphasis on sanitation throughout the facility.

Our philosophy is to constantly adhere to the legal regulations stated by Health Canada under the Cannabis Act, so our clients are well versed throughout the entire process. 

Greenhouse Design

The indoor models produce year-round consistent results. On the other hand, the greenhouse models can take advantage of the higher light levels during the summer months to produce higher yielding plants during those crop cycles.

The Panday Group can assist our clients in designing modern greenhouse solution able to produce year-round high-quality product. High tech greenhouses can be fitted with humidity control and odor control aspects to enhance and regulate the growing experience.

There are many types of greenhouse constructions available with various materials to choose from. We would be delighted to discuss and recommend a solution that meets the projects needs and budget.