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Lighting with AVMazzega

Lighting with some Bling by AVMazzega

Lighting your room with AVMazzega has a deep rooted history within the illumination industry worldwide Founded in 1946 by Gianni Bruno Mazzega, the Italian brand AVMazzega brings you into the world of handmade lighting that’s contrived using traditional Murano glass techniques. Even today, the luxury lighting company continues to revive and reinterpret Murano Italian lighting heritage, without compromising with its origins.

Lighting with AVMazzega Lighting with AVMazzega

Bringing centuries of experience and fine craftsmanship into furnaces, AVMazzega is also home to other famous light fittings companies by international designers from all around the world. Basically, the company celebrates inviting chandeliers and other lighting fixture designs in a big way.

AVMazzega offers two collections: Modern and Veneziani to add magnificent bling to any living space whether traditional or contemporary. Working with the top designers in Europe, the company’s contemporary lighting collection includes suspension, wall, ceiling, table and floor lamps. All made from the beautiful and traditional Murano glass.

Lighting with AVMazzega

On the other hand, Venitian collection boasts both contemporary designs and traditional Venitian chandeliers. Besides all that, designers at AVMazzega also creates custom, large scale lighting for hospitality projects. So, the Italian brand has classy and stylish lighting fixtures for all occasions, as well as living spaces. Hence, it is the one stop destination for bathing your home or office interior in luxurious ambiance.

Lighting with AVMazzega

If you want to simply limit yourself to just one Murano glass lighting company, AVMazzega is indeed the best choice. The company has come a long way since 1946 and made number of changes to its production techniques to meet changing demands of customers as per the transforming fashion and style over the years. Even sustainable and environment-friendly materials are being used by the designers to protect the environment for future generations.

Although the company offers the lampshades in one basic color of white with two finishes: satin white and crystallized white, but customers can request customizations to match up with their home interior. Aside from having a strong foothold in its native country, AVMazzega even distributes its products to other countries with the help of its close network of best sales agents and distributers.

For a complete look at the AVMAzzenga Collection visit Panday Group.

Lighting with AVMazzega Lighting with AVMazzega TestataArticoli_avmazzega_sixty

SYLKA Carpets Luxury Flooring

SYLKA™ Carpets – The final word in luxury flooring

When choosing a new and innovative flooring solution for your home, office or yacht there are a lot of options available in the market. However, for those seeking a luxury look and feel there is only one brand worth considering – SYLKA™.


Developed using the innovative NuSilk™ fibre system, SYLKA™ carpets and rugs are the ultimate in style and luxury, combining outstanding durability and longevity, while replicating the delicate qualities of natural silk.

NuSilk™ fiber is processed through a uniquely designed spinneret that’s engineered especially to mimic the size and shape of natural silk for unrivaled visual and tactile appeal. This superior fiber features high-end weathering properties in comparison to natural and organic fibers.

Sylka Carpets Luxury FlooringSylka Luxury Flooring

SYLKA™ is delicate and luxurious to touch, while being hardwearing, resilient to sun damage, anti-allergenic, and easily cleaned, making it suitable for corporate and hospitality venues, whilst still remaining ideal for luxurious private homes, yachts or luxury shopping boutiques.

Endorsed by internationally-recognised interior designers, SYLKA™ has created an award-winning collection that has won it favour with high fashion and luxury stores including Harrods, Hugo Boss and Ralph & Russo.

Launched in 2012, SYLKA™ has seen unrivalled growth around the world, particularly in the Middle East, where it has been named National Brand of the United Arab Emirates at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2015 – an achievement it hopes to replicate again this year. SYLKA™ was also crowned a winner at Design et al’s International Product Design Awards last year.

Sylka Luxury FlooringSylka Luxury Flooring

SYLKA™ comes in a variety of natural shades to complement any living space and is also available as bespoke luxury rugs, made to order by specialist craftsman using fine marquetry work.

If you want to add luxurious visual appeal and touch of sophistication to your home, office, retail store or private yacht, then SYLKA™’s extravagant collection is the ideal choice.

Sylka Luxury FlooringSylka Luxury Flooring

The team behind Skyla opulent carpets is highly experienced and work hard to meet the exacting standards of their customers. If you want to bring chic and sophistication to your home, look no further and order these exclusive carpets now.

Samples are available upon request at The Panday Group. To find out more please visit

A High Environment with Luxury Interior Design

Luxury Design with a Recreational Purpose

Going beyond the papers, vapors and bongs.

Cannabis Interior Design

The cannabis culture is now having an impact on luxury interior design needs as dispensaries are opening up rapidly in Canada. Consumption is growing for both medical and recreational purposes as many choose going to a vape lounge to indulge in this activity. Others want to enjoy it in the comfort of their own home with a relaxed designated area for this sole purpose. It is this comfort that the professional working demographic are incorporating a unique, yet modern interior design setup to create a positive environment of confidence for their cannabis living lifestyle.

Over the years, cannabis has gotten a bad rap due to the outdated lazy stoner stereotype. The vast majority of responsible cannabis consumers defy that stereotype, but they may feel like they are still being unfairly judged. The best way to move past that obstacle is by building Confidence in Cannabis.

Why not create a humble sanctuary for such a recreation?

Areas that have seen a direct design impact to build around this culture are kitchens for the ‘munchies’ or baking preparation, landscaping to create that dwelling of inspiration, lighting essential to creating the mood, entertainment centers being redesigned for social and personal usage, and lastly creating the perfect spa bathroom environment. By focusing on these areas, the body must be fed, the soul must be inspired and your mind must be clear.

The top 5 areas that bring confidence, interior design and the cannabis culture together:

KITCHEN FOR MUNCHIES & BAKING – Food, Baking and Hunger with Health Wellness & Design

The kitchen is the definite go to resort for many cannabis users as the term ‘munchies’ has been associated dearly with this activity. Not only is cooking a major component but hot/cold beverages have importance to using cannabis. Creating that meal in a beautiful modern kitchen sets the tone for a healthy lifestyle. Lastly, edibles have become the viable option for people who find smoking or vaping harsh on their throat.
Baked brownies anyone?

12eeefe90b4705b2648f3b5d8e11c50c.jpg 9c2389cc444282ded33ba436b7dc79ea.jpg Luxury Fireplace Interior Design


Allow your mind to have some inspiration by looking out to a garden of life. Not only does it bring inspiration, but having a good landscape design brings the curb appeal up when coming to sell. Elements that are incorporated are fireplaces, heaters, and cabanas or furniture that has more comfort than a folding chair. While the design feature also includes ponds and outdoor kitchens, the idea is to set a tone of comfort.

Fireplace Interior Design Fireplace Interior Design


Set the Mood Right. Lighting has such a grand importance for those using cannabis that creating an illuminated mood of design can be such a beautiful experience. The design method here is to bring a positive impact to one’s personal space. Consumers decide on picking lighting that have different shapes, colors and character to bring their room to life. Using natural light is also a key factor when designing a room for cannabis use. The simple concept is to have the mind open and calm.

lobby_finale_big.jpg contemporary

ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE – Movies, Lounge, Foosball, Audio Video

One of the many activities with marijuana use is watching TV. The creation of a room to sit back and enjoy a movie in a lounge/theatre setting has been more common. An investment can also be made by placing an arcade system, foosball table, or even good audio video system. Incorporating these elements brings a level of satisfaction during the height of the marijuana high. If the friends are over, why not break out the foosball , pool table or a simple movie to entertain. Each of these options are to release the mind of the daily pressures and to create that scenic room of relaxation.

Luxury Foosball Tableimage_title_4epfe.jpg


This upgrade or design method for cannabis use is for the person who wants to rejuvenate their senses. Many will indulge by incorporating a steam shower, jacuzzi, sauna or an exotic designed rain shower unit, to ideally comfort and relax the senses. Many feel that after using marijuana, a shower can uplift them and bring them even more comfort than expected. Others may not want the smell to linger and this showers them with a clean feeling.

4bbf08248ec7df412f288b08460949ce 4-cell-shower 21a82625302300cdffeefc22bbea7295.jpg


HDC Cover

This propelling idea comes from the sense that if you create an environment that will inspire, develop and motivate, while consuming cannabis, then the sky is the limit. The quickest way to build confidence is by being authentic and true to yourself, and because of that, cannabis is the perfect analogy for confidence. Let the people in your network know just how much cannabis has enhanced your life, and in time, the new face of cannabis will be smart, successful and well-respected. You’ll build the confidence necessary to pursue happiness, while changing hearts and minds about marijuana.


When one lives and builds on the confidence to live in luxury, their potential is met with much more. Our partner Molly Peckler of Highly Devoted Coaching, has made it her mission to help people build confidence in all aspects of their lives, including dating, relationships and Confidence in Cannabis. Molly understands that no matter how much money you have or how incredible of a house you own, you can’t fully enjoy it without genuine confidence. Stop feeling like an imposter who doesn’t deserve what you’ve worked for, and learn to believe in yourself and your abilities. Homes need to be built on strong foundations, just like confidence is the foundation for a lifetime of happiness and fulfillment. Let your beautiful home be a reflection of who you are on the inside, and make sure to create a space where you can fully enjoy the benefits of cannabis. More about Molly and a wonderful article by Vice about her services and specialty.

With an astounding 68% of Canadian voters who are in favor of relaxing marijuana regulations, it is only natural for people to create and design an environment they can enjoy this recreational or medicinal activity. We have looked at the lifestyle that one would need to set for a positive outlook on cannabis use and interior design. By creating and designing a positive interior/exterior position, the mind can be truly built for confidence, success and appreciation.

006797dc-0835-46b1-85c0-58d3c8e5b70b.jpg 15

Luxury Crystal Piano

Bring a Tune of Luxury with the Sound of Music

Fully-transparent crystal pianos bring luxurious feel to any home

See-through Grand Pianos by Netherlands-based Crystal Music Company (CMC) are world class instruments designed to add touch of a transparency to any luxury home.  The company is the world’s only maker of handcrafted fully-transparent grand pianos since 1996. Created by designer Peter A. Tol, standard sized sensual see-through piano models are Boris (1.70m) and Cécile (1.90m). These musical devices are likely to become centerpiece of any contemporary home.

Crystal Piano Blog Article

Made from transparent acrylic, these pianos are made to make quite the statement with clear structure. To ensure these instruments sound as good as they look, CMC prefers to use high quality components like Röslau strings, an Abel hammer produced by Helmut Abel GmbH, Strunz soundboards, Renner actions, and Dehonit pinblocks in their instruments.

Premium piano has components like German/Italian acrylic structure including beams, key-table and body. Hence, Crystal Grand Piano produces harmonious and spellbinding sound. On the other hand, Next generation Crystal Grand is made from very special acrylic from Acrylic Couture. It includes multiple colors and exclusive variations on the body. This means its frame, soundboard, rim and main lid- all can be painted in custom colors to match any interior.

Luxury Crystal Piano Blog

Besides listening and enjoying harmonious tunes, musical connoisseurs also get a chance to see soundboard and frame of the instruments. So, people who keep wondering how those rhythmical sounds are made can closely observe intricate details lying inside these beautiful instruments.

Although the pianos boast fully-transparent design, but these instruments are not going to fade into the background. As inner parts of the pianos can be custom-colored to match interior of any opulent living space. This means one can personalize his/her piano design with desired print or pattern. So, the potential owners can choose from an any of these wonderful designs to match with their home interior.

For people with extremely high tastes and class, the pianos can be further embellished with 14/18 carat gold plated parts, diamonds, Swarovski crystals or other top grade gemstones. These instruments certainly will be the grandest and luxurious musical addition to any well-heeled musician’s home.

Luxury Crystal Piano Luxury Crystal Piano

The designs of crystal pianos are perfectly suited for glamorous hotels, mansions, or for people who want to admire the inner beauty of Grand Pianos. These high-end piano designs are meant to complement any modern home or studio setting. Deep-pocketed piano players can surely get their hands on any one of their desired crystal piano model.

For more information and details visit Panday Group website.

Safretti Magic Fireplace

Magic with the Safretti Fireplace

Safretti Magic Fireplace illuminates against Water for a Mesmerizing Effect

Safretti Magic Fireplace truly brings the question forward, Who said water cannot burn? Just have a look at this astonishing Magic Fireplace by Safretti, which illuminates against water. Yes, you read that right. It is one-of-a-kind magical fireplace that instead of bio-ethanol depends on water for igniting fire effect. Well, it is an electrical fireplace that’s equipped with water reservoirs. These water reservoirs further fuel up the magical flames to add luxurious elegance to any contemporary home interior.

Magic Fireplace by Safretti

The fireplace comes with an evaporator that heats up water and turns it into fine water mist. As the mist rises up, the light reflects against the water, forming three-dimensional realistic flame effect. Magic Fire comes with a remote control that monitors the fireplace from any corner of a room. When illuminated, the unique patented technology creates magical illusion of realistic flames that seems to burn like real fire. The resulting fire looks so captivating and natural that it is quite difficult to distinguish it from real flame.

But unlike real flames, there won’t be any fire risk. Moreover, if you even put your hands within the burning flames- it won’t hurt your skin at all. Hence, it is 100-percent safe, child-friendly and CE-approved. Besides creating a stylishly extravagant appeal indoors, the gorgeous flames even maintain healthy indoor environment, as no harmful bio-ethanol or fuel is used for ignition. The vapors generated during the heating process can humidify a particular room, thus helps in maintaining moisture indoors even in dry winter months. This way the fireplace also has a positive effect on your skin and body.

Magic Fireplace by SafrettiMagic Fireplace by Safretti

Made out of high grade stainless steel, the Magic Fireplace is durable and burns for up to 6-8 hours on a full water tank. Due to it’s compact size this fireplace can be placed anywhere inside an opulent interior, without even requiring a chimney. The fuel-less fireplace can be placed in any open space, but the burners have to be built in before. This makes it a stunning freestanding fireplace that’s suitable for any modern indoor space.

Magic Fireplace by Safretti

You can bring a single fireplace to your living space, or just use several units together to create stunning long line of electric fire. All these fireplaces kept together can be monitored via single remote. This gorgeous fireplace is idyllic piece of home decor and functionality that helps you to create extravagant dream home interior. Safretti Magic Fireplace is truly an epitome of style, design, class and authenticity. This stylish piece will certainly make any luxury abode more luxurious to look at.

Gessi Spa Wellness Shower

Gessi Spa Wellness Shower for Extra Leisure

Stun the body with the exclusive Gessi Spa

Gessi Spa

Wake up every morning to extreme luxury with Gessi spa shower systems with a bit of extra leisure for the body and soul. Gessi has brilliantly created a shower spa series to blend wellness and health together, so the user gets rejuvenating bathing experience at home. The extravagant bathing systems provide full-body experience while water droplets gently massage and soothe your skin.

Gessi, renowned private wellness company, is designing and manufacturing exclusive bathroom and kitchen fittings and furnishings for over 20 years. From bathroom faucets, showerheads and sanitary ware to luxury shower systems, the company offers numerous bathing products to give regular shower a boost of bliss.

gessi spa wellness

Besides all that the, the series of shower boasts striking designs to complement your decor. The wellness series has been created with fine perfection to revamp showering to offer both comfort and exceptional countour designs. So, you don’t have to compromise with interior design for installing these luxurious spa systems into your lovely abode. In fact the opulent shower series will complement your decor, while taking health and hygiene to next level.

The spa series ensures a relaxing experience by fusing several spa-inspired elements into one product. Luxury showers include rain bar downpour systems and customizable controls to help freshen up your senses each morning and also unwind your body and mind after entire day’s hectic work.

gessi spa wellness shower

With each pouring water droplet, you’ll feel the freshness and tranquility as if alleviating rain drops are running down your skin. It will cause you to linger and enjoy every bit of bathing, while transforming shower into a hygiene extravaganza. One thing is for sure, you’ll not want to leave the comforting feel of the wellness showers for hours.

Gessi spa Wellness

There aesthetically elegant showers can be used the home or outdoors, where it’ll stand beautifully by the pool side. This means you can enjoy an exhilarating bathe in the luxurious corner of your house or by poolside, while admiring exuberant views of your surroundings.

The extravagant showers are available in a variety of modern styles, so you can easily choose anyone that perfectly suits your home interior. So forget old tedious showers, bring in luxury to your bathroom with Gessi spa wellness shower systems. For more information and price requests, you may visit The Panday Group website.

Luxury Coffee Machine by Scanomat Top Brewer

Luxury Coffee Machine by Scanomat Top Brewer

High-tech Scanomat Top Brewer conceals into any tabletop

Coffee lovers, the luxury coffee machine that have you ever wished for has arrived from Scanomat Top Brewer which brings a hot beverage dispensing tap in your kitchen. Just imagine- you get up in the morning, walk into your kitchen and get a strong cuppa joe from a tap to kick start your day. Well, the good news is that you dream has really come true in form of a luxury, high-tech Top Brewer by Danish coffee-machine-maker Scanomat.

Luxury Coffee Machine by Scanomat TopBrewer

At first glance it looks exactly like a conventional water faucet, but its actually a coffee maker that conceals into any tabletop. Unlike regular coffee makers, the aluminum-bodied machine is stored inside a lower drawer unit, which brews and dispenses the hot fluids out of the stainless steel tap.

Tip of the tap contains three nozzles- one for milk, another for coffee and last one serves as a steamer. Moreover, all the functions can be controlled wirelessly via Android, iPhone and iPad devices, using its companion app. If you don’t want to use the app, you may use the keyboard on the unit for serving same purpose.

Luxury Coffee Machine by Scanomat TopBrewer

The smartphone-controlled Top Brewer comes with patented milk foamer that fresh milk is heated and foamed perfectly on demand. It also has an automatic cleaning system to rinse each hose after each cup is made. Apart from that, the brew unit is even capable of sliding in and out for quick refilling, and incorporates dual grinders. This means each cup of coffee can be made from fresh roasted beans. Plus, the coffee machine can even brew espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, and latte. So, it’s indeed the best machine to keep experimenting with your Java, as per you mood.

Luxury Coffee Machine by Scanomat TopBrewer

Another feature that makes it different from other coffee machines is that it completely shuts off when not serving coffee. And when you need your joe- it can instantly go from being cold and inactive to brewing a hot cup of coffee in mere 45 seconds. Due to this, power will not be utilized necessarily by this energy-efficient machine.

It is truly the best coffee machine that elegantly blends elegance, luxury and function together. If you’re looking for sleek and deceptively stylish coffee brewer for your contemporary home, Scanomat Top Brewer is certainly the best choice.

Scanomat TopBrewer Scanomat TopBrewer Scanomat TopBrewer

Safretti Vertigo Luxury Fireplace


Safretti Vertigo luxury fireplace warms up any interior in style

Safretti Vertigo has brought a beautiful luxury fireplace to uplift your environment with warmth. Many times there are numerous ways to heat up your home in the winter, but the most timeless way is through flames coming out of stylish fireplaces. From traditional brick designs to today’s sleek stone layout, the fashion-forward fireplaces have come a long way. But what if some luxury is added to these cozy hearths?

Porche Design Studio is well-known for its opulent designs and this time the studio has created the exceptionally sleek Vertigo Fireplace to add stylish flair to any contemporary home. Launched by Safaretti, the eco-friendly fireplace is a perfect solution for condos or homes that have already been built. It took two years and some of the best experts and designers to create the high-end fireplace that can enhance setting of any living area.

The fireplace looks extremely sleek and can be hung on any wall, this means you can install it anywhere in your home without undergoing any extra cost for reconstruction on a wall. Fixing it on a wall is as simple as hanging a painting because you will be requiring a gas hookup. When ignited, the Vertigo ethanol fireplace uses advanced technology to dress up any living space in utmost luxury.

Safretti Vertigo Luxury Fireplace

Electric ignition by remote control eliminates the need for a separate lighter. Using Safretti’s patented safe burning system, the Vertigo is created to meet international security standards including a closed, separate tank system to ensure that the fuel tank cannot be topped up while the fire is still burning.

Its ultra-sleek design will surely add a comforting sense of pizzazz without being an over-the-top element in a specific room. The fire not only warms up your interior, but also burn off any smoke, smell, soot or residue in your home. Vertigo Fireplace is targeted for the ultra-modern abode and is simply perfect for those who are living in limited space luxury apartments. So, bring it home to add elegance, exclusivity and luxury style to your luxury abode. For more information and to purchase this opulent fireplace, you can visit The Panday Group website and purchase online.

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Choosing between Ceramic or Porcelain Luxury Tiles

Luxury-Designer-Versace-Tiles.jpgThe Roberto Cavalli Signoria Ebano

Tiles with a Variety & Luxury

It all comes down to building from the bottom and creating a luxurious modern setting, especially when it comes to choosing between ceramic or porcelain luxury tiles. Tiles act as the gateway to any room where the eye focuses from the bottom up. With our exquisite collection of Versace, Armani, Valentino  and Roberto Cavalli tiles, these needs can all be accommodated when deciding on a luxury tile. Our collection of designer tiles are ceramic based tiles, although many times tiles look the same, there is quite a difference between ceramic and porcelain tiles.

cersaie_2014_versace-8689.jpg cersaie_2014_versace-8693.jpgVersailles Rinascimento Roberto Cavalli Tiles

As a good rule of thumb ceramic tiles tend to be recommended for interior walls and floors, porcelain tiles tend to be a bit more common for floors that anticipate heavier traffic. Porcelain tiles acquire no glaze baking onto the face, which allows for the colour to run right through.  Additionally, don’t restrain yourself for keeping tiles exclusively for the interior of your home. You can also bring the elegant look of luxury tiles outside when creating your landscape.

A_V028_Versace A_V027_Versace_nero

The manufacturing differences between ceramic and porcelain is quite significant, especially when it comes to the use of luxury tile.

Here is a few points regarding the above mentioned differences:

(i) Ceramic Luxury Tiles

Made from natural clay, Ceramic tiles tend to have a particular glaze that is applied to the surface. To achieve this, the clay is put in a kiln that ‘cooks’ the clay in order to remove almost all of the moisture inside.

(ii) Porcelain Luxury Tiles

Porcelain tiles are also made of clay, but this tile tends to be denser.  One major component that makes the porcelain tiles so different is that there is a finely ground sand that is added to the mix. Materials are then pressed and fired at higher temperatures (compared to ceramic tiles) and for much longer to remove practically all of the water content.

Ceramic tiles, like the Roberto Cavalli tiles, can definitely be cost effective for the mere fact that they are very easy to work with: they can be scored, cut and nipped fairly easily with the right tools.  Since porcelain tiles are naturally denser and much hard wearing, they tend to be heavier and harder to work with, in terms of cutting or simply placing.

Roberto Cavalli Agata AzzurroRoberto Cavalli Agata White

If by chance you come across the issue of having to fix a tile(s), it is always very important that you fix them with the right tile adhesives.

Whichever you choose, keep in mind that there is a large selection to choose from like Versace, Valentino, Armani and Roberto Cavalli luxury tiles that will compliment any home.


Got a Project ? Need an Interior Designer ?

It’s really a relationship when choosing an interior designer.

It is always a good idea to hire an interior designer or project manager when undertaking a big renovation to any space requiring coordination of different trades. Fortunately, with Panday Group, we have our own in-house interior designers that bring an ample amount of experience, knowledge and talent.

Interior Designer 21289.jpg385f5a25565623630e0ee638e74a0984

The good thing is to know certain tips before starting that extensive search for an interior designer. The one place people always start with is by asking their friends, colleagues, neighbors or simple word of mouth. Something to keep in mind is that an interior designer and the client need to have a close relationship. The project that will be undertaken will need a lot of dialogue between both parties and an open communicator is a must. The essential thing a homeowner should remember is that they will be living in that space for a period of time.  A main reason for dialogue is miscommunication. Miscommunication is one of the vital areas that send a client and designer to opposites sides of a task.


Finding a designer via word of mouth is also a great way to start your project. It allows you to gauge how well a designer can work for you from someone that you know and trust. Every person’s project differs based on their needs, likeliness, taste and most importantly budget.

Just like word of mouth, the web can be a good avenue for researching interior designers, but the key is to look at their portfolio and reviews. Another key point to always inquire about is if the interior designer is part of any professional interior design or builder. You should also as them for a list of these associations and their credentials as well. Once you have narrowed down your short list of designers to 3-5, it is time to settle on the one that makes you feel most comfortable. Any renovation can be over bearing and it should be your designer’s job to make sure you aren’t feeling this way at all so choose carefully.

12eeefe90b4705b2648f3b5d8e11c50c.jpg 9c2389cc444282ded33ba436b7dc79ea.jpg

The final stage is budget. We all want to get a deal and justify every dollar being spent on a project. However, remember that you are hiring someone to handle all the details of this large project.  Quality always comes with a price. Your designer’s price often is in correlation to the quality of work they do and their past experience.


Hiring an interior designer gives you the ease to choose which services you may want them to provide. It also gives you a chance to choose which elements of design you want them to provide and possibly give you the leverage to take on by yourself. This is something we don’t recommend as many times the renovations that are undertaken by The Panday Group have many moving parts. It is with these moving parts that a professional designer allows for contractors to move steadily and with a vision of completion.




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