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Alex Turco Backsplash Collection


DECORATIVE ART PANELS are ideal for kitchen areas such as backsplashes, as they are a wonderful alternative to the usual tiles or mosaics. The epoxy resin is extremely durable and will prevent scratches and stains. We advise the use of our panels as a backsplash only in kitchens that utilize electric stoves, however, or at a minimum distance of 15 cm / 6” from gas flames.


 Alex Turco Backsplash Collection Description


Panels consist of 2 aluminum sheets with a polyethylene core named Reynobond, made by Alcoa. This particular material is commonly used due to is unique composite characteristics – light, easy to cut, mill and drill, can be bent and also comes in larger sizes. Panels are digitally printed with desired designs (patterns) using UV colors, and customized through graphic and hand made artistic touches with the use of acrylic paints. The next process is to layer the surface with transparent, waterproof and UV resistant epoxy resin. Metallic pigment powders, semi precious minerals, glitters, etc. can be used inside the resin to further embellish the DECORATIVE ART PANELS. Panels have a thickness of 4 mm/0.15”


This support is used mostly to decorate curved walls, columns and furniture. Panels are made of pure anodized aluminum and they are extremely easy to bend. Our patterns are printed directly on these panels with the use of UV resistant colors that also prevent cracking of the pigments. Panels are then covered with a special epoxy resin that is flexible, allowing the panel to bend without any problem. Final thickness of these panels once epoxy resin is applied will be 1 mm/0.040”.


This was the first idea that Alex had in order to create lavish interiors and to rejuvenate the concept of luxury living as they are a valuable accent to tastefully created atmospheres.

These Art Panels are made on canvas applied to lacquered wood panels and worked by Alex with his technique based on the use of acrylic colors and epoxy resin that can trap different natural elements such as crystals semi-precious minerals sand and metal pigments.

The Canvas are a very unique and exclusive piece of art perfect for clients that desire to own a distinctive art.

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