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As our first blog, we thought it would be best to introduce what we are set and focused to provide for our clients by bringing the aspects of Luxury Design Build with Supply online. To be blunt, it’s an interior design collection to build a lifestyle of absolute luxury online. This collection over hurdles a problem we have had to encounter is the word ‘Luxury’ for interior design. We are guilty as well for using the word, but how is this measured in the world of construction and interior design ?

First and foremost, this is not to take away the beautiful designs and places around the world that haven’t utilized our collection, but to showcase a niche that is becoming ever so popular. Luxury has been deemed as a subjective term and essentially by the product quality it roots to the essence of a luxury standard.

With stores around the world like Harry Rosen, Macy’s, Holt Renfrew they cater to brands with fashion, quality and global recognition. What The Panday Group has done is offer a collection of luxury brands that have products for interior design needs.


When a person talks about a luxury car, fashion item, accessory or electronic many times the measurement of luxury is based off the brand name associated with the item. In respect to global luxury brands the list is quite lengthy. When it comes to luxury interior design products many times as mentioned it  stems from the quality of the product.

Some cases people will build and design using platinum, crystal or go as extravagant with gold trimmed tiles. Not only are we able to provide and source these custom items, but what The Panday Group has done conveniently online, is offer a collection of Versace Home, Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Porsche Design, Lamborghini Casa, Roberto Cavalli and Coco Chanel, to name a few, for the purpose to build that lifestyle of absolute luxury.

Some of the unique items to our collection range from our Versace home tiles & bath collection, Roberto Cavalli Tiles, the Porsche Design Modern Fireplace, Giorgio Armani Wellness Spa Showers  to our custom exclusive  collection carbon fiber bathtub, official authentic Coco Chanel walk-in closet and our stunning Crystal Glass Piano.  The collection goes to a more niche interior design service providing options for Lamborghini Casa, Bentley, Fendi Casa, and Armani Casa for furniture and decor needs.


The idea and concept to provide a standard of absolute luxury was seen when fashion outlets would carry brands like Tom Ford, Hugo Boss, Valentino, Gucci, and Burberry  under one roof. This is where our curiosity and desire to know if brands were meant for the interior design world.  Through tedious research and inquiries, not only were we surprised by the abundance of luxury items for the interior design needs, but they were difficult to source and not conveniently accessible online.

With the luxury market taking its leap to the online side of business, Hermes & Chanel are key brands that have made a great impact on the luxury online markets.  This is where we as an ongoing learning and growing firm it was decided that we should be the first online platform to provide these luxury interior design brands under one name – The Panday Group.


In many respects we admit that our collection also comes with a price tag, but there is no doubt that an item from our online store is that statement and standard for luxury recognition. With our design build, online store and 3D animated  design services, clients can see their wants and needs before even breaking down a wall.

To really bring it all together, not only are we able to provide the essentials to design and build construction online, but  able to provide a filtered collection of interior design to build that lifestyle of luxury.


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