Got a Project ? Need an Interior Designer ?

It’s really a relationship when choosing an interior designer.

It is always a good idea to hire an interior designer or project manager when undertaking a big renovation to any space requiring coordination of different trades. Fortunately, with Panday Group, we have our own in-house interior designers that bring an ample amount of experience, knowledge and talent.

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The good thing is to know certain tips before starting that extensive search for an interior designer. The one place people always start with is by asking their friends, colleagues, neighbors or simple word of mouth. Something to keep in mind is that an interior designer and the client need to have a close relationship. The project that will be undertaken will need a lot of dialogue between both parties and an open communicator is a must. The essential thing a homeowner should remember is that they will be living in that space for a period of time.  A main reason for dialogue is miscommunication. Miscommunication is one of the vital areas that send a client and designer to opposites sides of a task.


Finding a designer via word of mouth is also a great way to start your project. It allows you to gauge how well a designer can work for you from someone that you know and trust. Every person’s project differs based on their needs, likeliness, taste and most importantly budget.

Just like word of mouth, the web can be a good avenue for researching interior designers, but the key is to look at their portfolio and reviews. Another key point to always inquire about is if the interior designer is part of any professional interior design or builder. You should also as them for a list of these associations and their credentials as well. Once you have narrowed down your short list of designers to 3-5, it is time to settle on the one that makes you feel most comfortable. Any renovation can be over bearing and it should be your designer’s job to make sure you aren’t feeling this way at all so choose carefully.

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The final stage is budget. We all want to get a deal and justify every dollar being spent on a project. However, remember that you are hiring someone to handle all the details of this large project.  Quality always comes with a price. Your designer’s price often is in correlation to the quality of work they do and their past experience.


Hiring an interior designer gives you the ease to choose which services you may want them to provide. It also gives you a chance to choose which elements of design you want them to provide and possibly give you the leverage to take on by yourself. This is something we don’t recommend as many times the renovations that are undertaken by The Panday Group have many moving parts. It is with these moving parts that a professional designer allows for contractors to move steadily and with a vision of completion.




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