Choosing between Ceramic or Porcelain Luxury Tiles

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It all comes down to building from the bottom and creating a luxurious modern setting, especially when it comes to choosing between ceramic or porcelain luxury tiles. Tiles act as the gateway to any room where the eye focuses from the bottom up. With our exquisite collection of Versace, Armani, Valentino  and Roberto Cavalli tiles, these needs can all be accommodated when deciding on a luxury tile. Our collection of designer tiles are ceramic based tiles, although many times tiles look the same, there is quite a difference between ceramic and porcelain tiles.

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As a good rule of thumb ceramic tiles tend to be recommended for interior walls and floors, porcelain tiles tend to be a bit more common for floors that anticipate heavier traffic. Porcelain tiles acquire no glaze baking onto the face, which allows for the colour to run right through.  Additionally, don’t restrain yourself for keeping tiles exclusively for the interior of your home. You can also bring the elegant look of luxury tiles outside when creating your landscape.

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The manufacturing differences between ceramic and porcelain is quite significant, especially when it comes to the use of luxury tile.

Here is a few points regarding the above mentioned differences:

(i) Ceramic Luxury Tiles

Made from natural clay, Ceramic tiles tend to have a particular glaze that is applied to the surface. To achieve this, the clay is put in a kiln that ‘cooks’ the clay in order to remove almost all of the moisture inside.

(ii) Porcelain Luxury Tiles

Porcelain tiles are also made of clay, but this tile tends to be denser.  One major component that makes the porcelain tiles so different is that there is a finely ground sand that is added to the mix. Materials are then pressed and fired at higher temperatures (compared to ceramic tiles) and for much longer to remove practically all of the water content.

Ceramic tiles, like the Roberto Cavalli tiles, can definitely be cost effective for the mere fact that they are very easy to work with: they can be scored, cut and nipped fairly easily with the right tools.  Since porcelain tiles are naturally denser and much hard wearing, they tend to be heavier and harder to work with, in terms of cutting or simply placing.

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If by chance you come across the issue of having to fix a tile(s), it is always very important that you fix them with the right tile adhesives.

Whichever you choose, keep in mind that there is a large selection to choose from like Versace, Valentino, Armani and Roberto Cavalli luxury tiles that will compliment any home.

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