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Luxury Design Cultivate

The Panday Group we specialize in providing a source of luxury to build, design and create a unique lifestyle. The exclusive Interior Design Collection, Construction Management Services and 3-D Interior Design Team act to complement each other for a meticulous planning process to bring your dream to reality.

Our philosophy is to provide our clients with a standard of luxury while keeping in mind the process of building with the design of functionality.

Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck Luxury Bathroom Designer , one of today’s most famous creative minds and a serious, top international designer. The Frenchman has designed almost everything from café chairs to toothbrushes, from stools to prefabricated houses. However, one of his greatest successes is the Axor Starck collection, with which Hansgrohe caused quite a stir in 1994 – the first mixer with a joystick-like operating lever.


Axor Starck focuses on the basics, on elementary forms. A clear function and a simple effect. There are no distractions. The result: a timeless bathroom collection that will never go out of fashion. Images are evoked of our past dealings with water. For example, the slanted spout resembles that of a water pump while the bath resembles an old-fashioned tub. The Axor Starck bathroom mixers are available in two different handle versions: a modern pin handle and, in the classic version, a feather handle.


A new, sensual water experience combined with a powerful, sculptural design: Axor Starck Organic is stripped of anything unnecessary and completely harmonious in its design concept. The intelligent operating concept revolutionises the use of water and is also economical to use. The organic minimalist collection integrates quite naturally into a variety of bathroom environments.


Axor Starck X embodies minimal design and maximum enjoyment. The sculptural Axor Starck X collection plays with symmetry and clear geometric shapes: a round body and a square plate create an impressive outlet for the water. An upright joystick as a self-assured troublemaker. Straight lines with a commitment to the extraordinary.


“Just mix it” is the motto of the Axor ShowerCollection. The modular design can be used to transform the shower into a tailored-made spa. The simple, customisable system comprising shower heads, mixers and accessories provides almost endless design freedom. Of course, the Axor ShowerCollection designed by Philippe Starck is also the perfect shower complement for the Axor Starck and Axor Starck X collections.


Whenever we discover an object or space designed by Philippe Starck, we enter a world of wall-to-wall imagination, surprises and fabulous fantasy. For more than three decades, this unique and multifarious creator, designer and architect has been a part of our daily lives by creating unconventional objects whose purpose is to be “good” before being “beautiful”. Iconic destinations that take the members of his “cultural tribe” out of themselves and, most importantly, towards something better.

“I like to open the doors to people’s brain.” – Philippe Starck

His father, an inventor and aeronautic engineer, gave the young Philippe Starck the desire to create and the capacity to dream. Several years and several prototypes later, he was commissioned to work for President François Mitterrand. This was also when he began designing furniture for leading Italian and international firms.

Philippe Starck designs his hotels and restaurants in the same way a director makes a film: he develops scenarios that will lift people out of the everyday and into an imaginative and creative mental world. His hotels have become timeless icons and have added a new dimension to global cityscape. Through Philippe Starck’s concept of “democratic design” – increase the quality objects at lower prices so that more people can enjoy the best – he was a lone voice at a time when design was turned exclusively towards an elite. There are few areas of design that he hasn’t explored: from furniture to mail-order homes, motorbikes to mega-yachts, and even artistic direction for space-travel projects, to name but a few …


Philippe Starck believed in being “green” long before ecology became fashionable, out of respect for the planet’s future. Early on, he created the Good Goods catalogue of non-products for non-consumers in tomorrow’s moral market, and set up his own organic food company. More recently he developed the revolutionary concept of “democratic ecology” by creating affordable wind turbines for the home, soon to be followed by solar-powered boats and hydrogen cars

Philippe Starck is a tireless and rebellious citizen of the world, who considers it his duty to share his ethical and subversive vision of a fairer world. He stays tuned in to our dreams, wants and needs – sometimes before we get there ourselves – by making his work a political and civic act that he accomplishes with love, poetry and humour.

Medical Cannabis

The Panday Group have combined the aspect of consulting, construction and cannabis across Canada. Our team is comprised of bright and dedicated professionals with years of experience and a reputation for quality care. Our health practitioners are committed to helping patients with a variety of conditions manage their symptoms through the use of medical cannabis. Connecting patients across Canada the tools they need to enhance their quality of life with access to medical cannabis for personal production and access through a producer licensed under Health Canada.

Online Store

An exclusive source of interior design products focused on providing the resources to build and design an environment of luxury. Continuing to seek out pieces of extraordinary design, furniture, lighting, tiles, and bath products to create this harmony together. Fashion brands Giorgio Armani, Roberto Cavalli, Versace and Porsche Design, set a standard of luxury interior design living. The store’s focus is to provide an environment where luxury, fashion and interior design can be acquired conveniently online. Dedicated to superior results, The Panday Group is passionate about each project and its unique signature luxury style.


Design & Build

To build and design an environment of luxury it must be set with the foundation of detail, focus, and quality. Our experienced group of interior designers, contractors, and animation team are here to assist our clients to build a vision of luxury. The animation team brings the clients vision to life by virtually incorporating products and inspirational styles. Panday Group Construction Ltd. has designed and been part of some of the most prestigious projects globally, working with some of the most well-renewed professionals within the interior design/construction industry.


Got a Project ? Need an Interior Designer ?

It’s really a relationship when choosing an interior designer.

It is always a good idea to hire an interior designer or project manager when undertaking a big renovation to any space requiring coordination of different trades. Fortunately, with Panday Group, we have our own in-house interior designers that bring an ample amount of experience, knowledge and talent.

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The good thing is to know certain tips before starting that extensive search for an interior designer. The one place people always start with is by asking their friends, colleagues, neighbors or simple word of mouth. Something to keep in mind is that an interior designer and the client need to have a close relationship. The project that will be undertaken will need a lot of dialogue between both parties and an open communicator is a must. The essential thing a homeowner should remember is that they will be living in that space for a period of time.  A main reason for dialogue is miscommunication. Miscommunication is one of the vital areas that send a client and designer to opposites sides of a task.


Finding a designer via word of mouth is also a great way to start your project. It allows you to gauge how well a designer can work for you from someone that you know and trust. Every person’s project differs based on their needs, likeliness, taste and most importantly budget.

Just like word of mouth, the web can be a good avenue for researching interior designers, but the key is to look at their portfolio and reviews. Another key point to always inquire about is if the interior designer is part of any professional interior design or builder. You should also as them for a list of these associations and their credentials as well. Once you have narrowed down your short list of designers to 3-5, it is time to settle on the one that makes you feel most comfortable. Any renovation can be over bearing and it should be your designer’s job to make sure you aren’t feeling this way at all so choose carefully.

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The final stage is budget. We all want to get a deal and justify every dollar being spent on a project. However, remember that you are hiring someone to handle all the details of this large project.  Quality always comes with a price. Your designer’s price often is in correlation to the quality of work they do and their past experience.


Hiring an interior designer gives you the ease to choose which services you may want them to provide. It also gives you a chance to choose which elements of design you want them to provide and possibly give you the leverage to take on by yourself. This is something we don’t recommend as many times the renovations that are undertaken by The Panday Group have many moving parts. It is with these moving parts that a professional designer allows for contractors to move steadily and with a vision of completion.





What can add value to your home ?

When a luxury kitchen or bathroom can do wonders

If you’re looking to sell your home in today’s market, you need to know that renovating a bathroom or kitchen is a great way to increase the value of your home. This is especially true when it comes to creating a luxury bathroom or luxurious kitchen. That doesn’t mean that you have to get the most expensive renovation but a fresh look will please people when thinking to purchase your home.

A renovation of this magnitude needs to suit your lifestyle which in essence will increase the value of your property. Having a realistic budget and the right financial solution in place are key factors to making your renovation a good investment for you and your family. Renovations have a number of benefits to the increased value of a home, so it’s a good idea to assess what a renovation might cost, how to finance it and how you can turn it into an investment.

Be strategic about what you feel will increase your home’s value. Ensure that you have a list of which items need to be prioritized on your project list. Before you get started, research what buyers are looking for as it will give you a clearer picture as to your budget. Some of the items that present themselves as better values are luxury bathroom, luxury bathroom faucets as well as luxury tiles and fixtures that can be incorporated into a stylish and relevant design.

Common ways to maximise the value of your property include:

– Adding a room or creating more open space by removing walls
– Updating the kitchen and/or bathroom
– Adding a second toilet or bathroom
– Improving lighting and ventilation

There’s something magical and fun about taking a house and transforming it into a property that emotional buyers are competing with each other to buy. If selling your home after renovating isn’t really your thing, you can always revive your home and live in it for years to come. Give renovating a try and see how creating luxury bathrooms and kitchens and renovating your home can add value to your home.


Luxury Design Build Supply

Luxury to be Measured

To Design & Build Luxury, there must be Supply

Outdoor Luxury Fireplace


As our first blog, we thought it would be best to introduce what we are set and focused to provide for our clients by bringing the aspects of Luxury Design Build with Supply online. To be blunt, it’s an interior design collection to build a lifestyle of absolute luxury online. This collection over hurdles a problem we have had to encounter is the word ‘Luxury’ for interior design. We are guilty as well for using the word, but how is this measured in the world of construction and interior design ?

First and foremost, this is not to take away the beautiful designs and places around the world that haven’t utilized our collection, but to showcase a niche that is becoming ever so popular. Luxury has been deemed as a subjective term and essentially by the product quality it roots to the essence of a luxury standard.

With stores around the world like Harry Rosen, Macy’s, Holt Renfrew they cater to brands with fashion, quality and global recognition. What The Panday Group has done is offer a collection of luxury brands that have products for interior design needs.


When a person talks about a luxury car, fashion item, accessory or electronic many times the measurement of luxury is based off the brand name associated with the item. In respect to global luxury brands the list is quite lengthy. When it comes to luxury interior design products many times as mentioned it  stems from the quality of the product.

Some cases people will build and design using platinum, crystal or go as extravagant with gold trimmed tiles. Not only are we able to provide and source these custom items, but what The Panday Group has done conveniently online, is offer a collection of Versace Home, Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Porsche Design, Lamborghini Casa, Roberto Cavalli and Coco Chanel, to name a few, for the purpose to build that lifestyle of absolute luxury.

Some of the unique items to our collection range from our Versace home tiles & bath collection, Roberto Cavalli Tiles, the Porsche Design Modern Fireplace, Giorgio Armani Wellness Spa Showers  to our custom exclusive  collection carbon fiber bathtub, official authentic Coco Chanel walk-in closet and our stunning Crystal Glass Piano.  The collection goes to a more niche interior design service providing options for Lamborghini Casa, Bentley, Fendi Casa, and Armani Casa for furniture and decor needs.


The idea and concept to provide a standard of absolute luxury was seen when fashion outlets would carry brands like Tom Ford, Hugo Boss, Valentino, Gucci, and Burberry  under one roof. This is where our curiosity and desire to know if brands were meant for the interior design world.  Through tedious research and inquiries, not only were we surprised by the abundance of luxury items for the interior design needs, but they were difficult to source and not conveniently accessible online.

With the luxury market taking its leap to the online side of business, Hermes & Chanel are key brands that have made a great impact on the luxury online markets.  This is where we as an ongoing learning and growing firm it was decided that we should be the first online platform to provide these luxury interior design brands under one name – The Panday Group.


In many respects we admit that our collection also comes with a price tag, but there is no doubt that an item from our online store is that statement and standard for luxury recognition. With our design build, online store and 3D animated  design services, clients can see their wants and needs before even breaking down a wall.

To really bring it all together, not only are we able to provide the essentials to design and build construction online, but  able to provide a filtered collection of interior design to build that lifestyle of luxury.


Luxury Design Cultivate

The Panday Group we specialize in providing a source of luxury to build, design and create a unique lifestyle. The exclusive Interior Design Collection, Construction Management Services and 3-D Interior Design Team act to complement each other for a meticulous planning process to bring your dream to reality.

Our philosophy is to provide our clients with a standard of luxury while keeping in mind the process of building with the design of functionality.

Luxury Design Cultivate

The Panday Group we specialize in providing a source of luxury to build, design and create a unique lifestyle. The exclusive Interior Design Collection, Construction Management Services and 3-D Interior Design Team act to complement each other for a meticulous planning process to bring your dream to reality.

Our philosophy is to provide our clients with a standard of luxury while keeping in mind the process of building with the design of functionality.

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